Fact: Air Duct Cleaning will reduce the amount of dust & debris in your ducts. Your air flow will increase by reducing dust & debris in your ducts. Your HVAC will run more efficiently by reducing dust & debris in your ducts which will reduce your energy costs. These are the main facts why it is definatly not a waste of money cleaning your airt ducts.

However, due to the lack of a governing body for air duct cleaners, the existence of bait-and-switch scams is explained. The proper process entails the use of negative air pressure and high-pressured air whips that ensure detailed cleaning all the way to the main trunk line to ensure the best results.

There is probably no need to have your air ducts cleaned unless:



By using the right company, air duct cleaning may not end up being a waste of money. Through air duct cleaning, renovations to the home can be conducted. Whether it’s a new or old home, air duct cleaning should take place after renovations. Imagine the dust & debris generated during the process of renovation that is later picked by the HVAC system. Therefore this makes air duct cleaning an amazing way to conclude the renovation process.

Animal intrusion

Air duct cleaning can also be useful when there is evidence of animal infestation or nesting within the ducts of the HVAC system. Here air duct cleaning ensures the nesting animals are removed as the ductwork and HVAC unit is cleaned.

Cleaning your air ducts, in the long run, helps to:

Maintain comfortable temperature– clogging of the air duct system with dust & debris may affect the air heating or cooling mechanism performance. Therefore common debris that blocks and diminishes airflow can be eliminated by cleaning the air ducts. This facilitates the improvement of comfort as the HVAC system thus raises comfort.

Increase air quality– air filters are used in almost every air duct system but the filters are not efficient for the capture and collection of all the contaminants. This shows the essence of regular air duct cleaning that vastly helps to improve indoor air quality.

Thus, to clean airduct properly you need to know about air duct cleaning equipment.